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Throw & Go provides maximum spill absorption and is environmentally friendly made with 100% natural ingredients.

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TIM JOHNSON DEMO (Part 1). Tim walks you through his Throw & Go demo.

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TIM JOHNSON DEMO (Part 2). Tim compares Throw & Go to a leading kitty litter.

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CHIEF BOB BURBRIDGE. Chief Bob has been using Throw & Go in Mason County for years.

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THE SNIFFER TEST (Part 1). Tim Johnson and Chief Bob Burbridge show you the power of Throw & Go

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THE SNIFFER TEST (Part 2). Tim Johnson and Chief Bob Burbridge show you the power of Throw & Go


Throw & Go Professional cleans up water-based and hydrocarbon spills. It contains enough pumice to provide traction on hard surfaces. Throw and Go Professional is highly effective at accident scenes and all types of contamination spills, and is gaining popularity with fire departments and municipalities nationwide. One of the most appealing attributes of the product (besides its superior performance) is its strong resemblance to dirt, thereby drawing away attention from spills.


For fire & rescue professionals, public works departments, and those working indoor and outdoor on hard surfaces

Effective for spill clean-up and vapor suppression. Lays down easily in the worst of weather conditions. Provides traction to reduce chances of slip and fall.

  • Sold in .75 cubic foot bags or by pallet

  • $26.95 Retail

  • 75 bag pallets are available at discount price per bag


Throw & Go Environmental is the absorbent designed for clean-up spills and contaminants on the ground or near water. This product is used by parks and recreation public works departments, PUD's, and those working out in nature. Throw and Go Environmental contains no traction material and is best suited for non-hard surfaces.


For parks and rec departments, and P.U.D.s, and those working with contaminants on the ground or in nature

Used on land to absorb petroleum, oil and chemical spills. Controls and mitigates spills in sensitive areas and situations. Minimal leaching.

  • Sold in .75 cubic foot bags or by pallet

  • $27.50 Retail 

  • 75 bag pallets are available at a discounted price per bag


  • Same ingredients as Throw & Go Professional, in a junior sized bag. Ideal for technician tool boxes, service vehicles and spill kits. 

  • Great for spill kits or truck inventory

  • Available in convenient 5-quart resealable ZipSeal bags

  • $53.70 Retail (6 per box)

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