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F-500 puts out fires 10 times faster than traditional foams, and encapsulates flammable liquids and gasses rather than just covering them up.

eCar F-500 Fire Suppression. Witness a lithium-ion battery car fire being quickly put out with F-500!

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Creation Organics is the exclusive distributor for Oregon and Washington, proudly distributing HCT F-500 EA in this region. F-500 EA is available in other locations, please contact us for additional information.  

F-500 EA is a chemical that replaces hazardous foams for Fire suppression. Unlike many of the firefighting foams being used today, it is non-toxic and not harmful to the environment, people and wildlife. F-500 EA puts out fires 10 times faster than traditional foams because it operates very rapidly on a cellular level to encapsulate flammable liquids and gasses, whereas foams simply create a thin wall bubble covering over the flammable materials, which is easily broken or disrupted.

HCT F-500