Isaiah Brooks, a highly educated guy with a PhD in cellulosic fibers,  helped develop what is now known as Throw & Go

AmerizorbTM began 20 years ago when Doug Wright purchased a bog in Mason County and began making high-quality growing soils from the Peat Moss that was found there.

One day, the head of road maintenance for Kitsap county came in to the bog to get some Peat Moss for his garden. During that conversation he asked if Doug could make a better absorbent out of the peat. He wanted to replace the dry Canadian Peat Kitsap was using for contaminant clean up at accident scenes. 

The Canadians have been making an absorbent out of their Peat Moss for decades but they over dry it in their production process. The end result is that it is very dry and blows away in the slightest amount of wind. It’s also not as absorbent or fire retardant or vapor suppressant as Throw and Go (because of the moisture we leave in our product). 

After that conversation, Doug went to his friend Isaiah Brooks, who was in leadership at Weyerhaeuser for 34 years, and asked for help. Isaiah, a very educated guy with a PhD in cellulosic fiber, helped develop what is now known as Throw & Go, a high-quality, environmentally friendly absorbent. Needless to say, Kitsap County became Amerizorb’s first customer and has remained a dedicated customer to this day.

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Plain and simply, Amerizorb Throw & Go is one of the best absorbents for containing hazardous liquid contaminants. 

  • It is extremely environmentally friendly

  • Throw & Go literally absorbs liquid contaminants into the cell instead of just coating the material (like kitty litter products do)

  • Throw & Go Professional adds an element of traction on hard services keeping responders and motorists safe out in the field

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