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Throw & Go Environmental

Throw & Go Environmental is the absorbent designed for clean-up spills and contaminants on the ground or near water as opposed to on roads or floors as it contents contains no traction material. This product is mostly used by parks and recreation public works departments


Sold in .75 cubic foot bags

MSRP: $28.95 FOB Warehouse

75 bag pallets are available at a discounted price per bag




Throw & Go Environmental MSDS

The AmeriSock, 6' to 30' in length, is filled with Throw & Go Environmental.

MSRP $4.05/ft   $45/box of 2 6 ft socks

Universal absorbent pads, 15" x 19", with loose-fill Throw & Go Environmental to create
an absorbent pillow ideal for capturing large amounts of contaminant.


Currently used in spill kits at major fuel companies.

MSRP $13.95/each   $52.50/box of 4 pillows


Our 5-gallon buckets with twist-off lids are convenient for your shop, maintenance sheds or emergency vehicles.


One bag of Throw & Go Environmental fits perfectly into each bucket, allowing you to use partial amounts of product without fear of a half-empty bag spilling over in your shop or vehicle.

MSRP $20 per unit