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Welcome to the THROW & GO family of superior absorbents!
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Used on land to absorb petroleum, oil, and chemical spills.

Controls and mitigates spills in sensitive areas and situations.
Minimal leaching.


For maintenance shops, garages or at home.

Absorbs fuels, oils and solvents quickly.

Cleans up easily.

Contains extra  abrasive material for  maximum traction on floors.

- Ranging in lengths from 6' to 30' long

- Filled with Environmental absorbent for maximum absorbing capacity


For fire & rescue professionals, municipalities, counties and public utilities.

Effective spill clean-up and vapor suppression.
Lays down easily in the worst of weather conditions.
Provides traction at accident scenes to reduce chances of slip and fall. 

That Stuff Super Absorbent

Same ingredients as Throw & Go Super Absorbent, just junior sized.
Ideal for technician tool boxes, service vehicles and spill kits.         
Available in convenient
5 quart resealable bags.

- 15" x 19" universal absorbent pads

- Filled with Environmental absorbent for maximum absorbing capacity
Amerizorb Containers

- Our 5-gallon buckets with twist-off lids are convenient for your shop, maintenance sheds or emergency vehicles.


- One bag of Throw & Go fits perfectly into a bucket.